TOP 7 best Cryptocurrencies to invest after COVID-19

Now that Europe is getting over the COVID-19 pandemic, and through the monitoring of financial trends, it is clear that people are using crypto more often. We think that’s great news!

For example, Italy, the most worst-hit European country by this virus, “has demonstrated the most significant level of confidence in crypto across Europe.’’ According to the Cointelegraph.com review, 72% of Italians believe that cryptocurrencies will remain in financial life for a long time.

Last week we talked about the reasons why people invest in cryptocurrency. That brings us to the next step. Bankomia checked the statistics of cryptocurrency performance between January to June of this year, to get a complete insight about the best cryptos to invest in post-COVID times.

So, let’s take note! Prepare a smart financial plan by knowing some details about the top 7 cryptos to invest in post-COVID; because prices can’t be the only thing to consider, features of performance are also relevant.

ADA (Cardano)

It belongs to the third generation of cryptocurrencies looking for the improvement in three things:

  •  being more scalable to do more transactions per second;
  • contribute to interoperability, which is the ability of the traditional banking system to work together with digital options as blockchain;
  • the sustainability to stay overtime. In our opinion, it’s an excellent opportunity to get involved in digital tendencies.


LINK (Chainlink)

It aims to build bridges between traditional payment services and blockchain through a decentralized system, working on smart contract connections to bring access to resources outside of the blockchain. 

Bankomia thinks that LINK brings a fantastic option to connect standard bank payment methods, such as Visa or PayPal, with blockchain services.

XTZ (Tezos)

It works with an open-source and incentive alignment in which stakeholders may participate in network upgrades by evaluating, proposing, or approving amendments. 
We consider this system of participation projects XTZ towards the improvement of security in the network, avoiding also being diluted by inflation.

ETH (Ethereum)

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) projects have experienced unprecedented growth in recent months. Why does it matter? Virtually every DeFi project is based on Ethereums blockchain. Ethereum provides a way to create decentralized applications on its blockchain. So far, it seems like just the beginning.

That is the reason why we consider ETH as one of the most undervalued crypto projects out there.

XLM (Stellar)

It works as an open-source blockchain that connects financial institutions, payments systems, and people. Its strong point is that it permits cross-border transactions, moving towards faster, cheaper, and safer transactions.
We believe that working without the requirement of approval from traditional crypto-miners will make the investment process faster.

XMR (Monero)

 Its main feature is that transactions are confidential and untraceable, ensuring the privacy of senders, receivers, and amounts.

XRM will always be accepted without the risk of censorship because it has the feature of being fungible. We think it is a brilliant feature.

BTC (Bitcoin) 

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency adapted by the mainstream. Its market cap has always been the highest. The only cryptocurrency that came close was Ethereum in June 2017.

We at Bankomia believe this will remain the case.

Bitcoin broke out of the multi-year bear market and entered a bull market. The previous bull market lasted from 2015 September till 2017 December during which Bitcoin had more than 8000% increase in price.

We think that Bitcoin is the most mature cryptocurrency out there. Owning BTC poses the least risk to your capital when compared to altcoins. It has been around the longest and has gone through the roughest bear markets, and it still came back.

Now, you have some points to make decisions. However, to gain a fuller understanding, always look at different information sources and listen to diverse opinions. Remember that the crypto market is volatile, unpredictable, and runs according to global situations. The market view can change at any minute.

That’s why the best financial decision will always be the one that starts with knowledge. Bankomia helps to understand how the crypto world moves by offering a 24/7 all-in-one platform with various cryptocurrencies available directly on your digital wallet to make your life easier.

COVID-19 came to remind humanity to care about the learning of digital processes, and, without doubts, one of them is cryptocurrencies. Ben Goertzel, founder and CEO of SingularityNET, says that it is urgent to focus our attention on the blockchain projects. Humans will need their amazing tools to have enough defenses against other pandemics, as COVID-19 is not going to be the last pandemic of the human species.


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