Private Services

A Comprehensive Crypto-Fiat 
Management Platform

Within one registration, our clients will receive access to all-in-one E-banking platform.

  • The E-BANK section provides access to SEPA & SWIFT payments.
  • The WALLET section provides secure storage & transmission of over 50 cryptocurrencies.
  • EXCHANGE is where fiat and cryptocurrencies meet – you can freely exchange between the provided pairs.

    All transactions can be sorted, viewed or exported as statements to any legal authority.

Processing of any Private or Legal Capital

In order for Bankomia to provide our services, we are required by law to ask our customers to verify their identity. After completing the KYC procedure, each of our clients will have full access to each one of our services including fully working private bank account (IBAN), exchange and payment cards.

Read more under “Privacy Policy”

Custodian Services for your Convenience

Deposit your cryptocurrencies in our secure system and use the personal insurance option to cover your crypto wallet. Since the cryptocurrency custodian services vary from the traditional custodian, we firstly offer personalized advisory and a management of you choosing. For those who prefer, deposit insurance is also available. Our service provides safekeeping of your assets and secure storage of cryptographic keys. All the services are provided by our partner BitGoTM.

Easy Statement for Accounting

Millions of people are using crypto daily to pay, convert and trade. However, the issue remains – crypto is an unclear asset. Bankomia presents a solution – recognizable statement for any entity, be it a retail provider or a state revenue service. We provide a customisable crypto/fiat statements ready to be exported at your fingertips.

Privately Registered IBAN Account

After completing the KYC procedure, each of our clients will receive a fully working private bank euro account. Although the transaction speeds are usually affected by both of the sending parties, our network of partners enables a fast transmission worldwide. Payments within our platform will be carried out instantly. All of our accounts are legally proofed and compatible with your crypto trading.

Virtual & Physical Card Integration

Your funds can not only be securely stored but also easily accessed.

  • If you prefer a physical payment card we offer VISA or MASTERCARD, throughout Europe.
  • An NFC-ready virtual card can be created and connected within minutes.   

Both solutions are accepted worldwide by most merchant and banking services.


Referral (Coming soon)

Invite your friends and enjoy the crypto freedom together. Start collecting discounts, fee reductions and other bonuses by helping Bankomia grow.

Advanced Trading Platform 

No more discomfort with confounded crypto resources. Use crypto for a wide spread of services and shopping directly online. With just one click, this will be available through our app.

Instant Crypto Purchase (Coming soon)

Need crypto on the go? Bankomia will provide an instant crypto purchase with a payment card. Without registration and additional fees, just like an ordinary online store.