15 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

15 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

We have been in the fin-tech business for several years now. In the early days answering questions about who we are, what our business is, and how it works took up more time than actual work. Luckily, with technology and society evolving, explaining our field of expertise only gets easier.

How To Deal With Capital Losses

How to deal with capital losses

There can be many situations in the investment world where investors can lose capital in the blink of an eye. We know that any investment is a venture, yet dealing with losses can take time and patience. However, we think it’s important to see it as a lesson instead of a failure.

Bitcoin Wallets: 12 Pros & Cons Worth Knowing Before Owning One

If you read our previous article about neobanks and the ideas behind them, you probably already got an opinion on them. This article will reveal additional information for crypto community newcomers interested in e-wallets. Just thinking about our daily schedules filled with different meetings, tasks, and surprises while working on-the-go gives us anxiety. Sometimes, we become […]

15 Twitter Accounts Perfectly Explaining What Crypto Is

Just last week, Bitcoin and gold prices made the media headlines in top news sites around the world. The fact that Bitcoin prices reached its highest level in nearly a year and have stayed well above USD 11,000 sparked an interest in many. With the help of Bankomia in-house Twitter community members, we’ve put together a list of people […]

Why people invest in cryptocurrency, and why should you

Have you ever had an intense fear of missing out on a life-changing opportunity? From our experience, sometimes a bit of expert advice is all we need to take the leap. We sat down with Bankomia crypto experts to understand what made them invest in crypto, and why now might be the right moment for […]

TOP 7 best Cryptocurrencies to invest after COVID-19

Now that Europe is getting over the COVID-19 pandemic, and through the monitoring of financial trends, it is clear that people are using crypto more often. We think that’s great news! For example, Italy, the most worst-hit European country by this virus, “has demonstrated the most significant level of confidence in crypto across Europe.’’ According to […]

MicroStrategy purchase of BTC: What does it mean for the world?

The financial world has its eyes on Bitcoin as a superior asset, considering it to be a store of value for companies looking for market investment options. As a precedent, by the end of July 2020, Fidelity Digital Assets published its Bitcoin Investment Thesis stating Bitcoin could be an insurance policy in times of increasing financial uncertainty. A few days later, […]

Bitcoin Halving 2020. What should we expect?

Bitcoin halving event in the crypto world is like the Olympic Games, it happens once every 4 years when the block rewards of BTC for miners are cut in half. It has happened in 2012, 2016, and now 2020 the number of new bitcoins issued every 10 minutes will drop from 12,5 to 6,25. Bitcoin’s […]

4 Internet & Mobile Service Providers that Accept Bitcoin Payments [+ Pro Crypto User Tips]

Today,more than 100.000 companies worldwide accept Bitcoin payments. Fromairplane tickets tosandwiches on-the-go, people around the globe already pay with Bitcoin for their preferred goods. Now with the global COVID-19 pandemic, Bitcoin payments thrive into new heights. We hear about more companies all over the world accepting contactless payments with BTC. While the price of Bitcoin has been somewhat dormant […]