A few words about Bankomia

Our team consists of professionals who share the value of time, safety, and mutual understanding. Nowadays, there are a lot of crypto platforms to choose from, but it’s hard to find a place where you can manage your funds in one sitting.
We believe that crypto is for everyone. You don’t have
to be a crypto genius to use Bankomia because we have created an all-in-one platform that is easy to use.

Meet our team

  • Raffaella Noacco


    Raffaela has seen companies through the eyes of both the director and the CEO. Working in various business fields, she has gained a deep understanding of customer needs to provide the most qualitative solutions.
  • Edgars Berzins

    Technical Director

    Edgars has 10-year experience in software development and team management. Through these years, he has successfully staged and completed several local and European-wide projects.
  • Matteo Marzuoli

    Crypto Expert

    Matteo has been following crypto and other related tech innovations since 2012. He takes cyber-security very seriously. His work experience includes project managing, external consulting for Microsoft and ISPs, as well as networking and online community development.

Our location

Näituse tn 3 Tartu, Tartu Tartumaa 50409
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