4 Internet & Mobile Service Providers that Accept Bitcoin Payments [+ Pro Crypto User Tips]

Today,more than 100.000 companies worldwide accept Bitcoin payments. Fromairplane tickets tosandwiches on-the-go, people around the globe already pay with Bitcoin for their preferred goods. Now with the global COVID-19 pandemic, Bitcoin payments thrive into new heights.

We hear about more companies all over the world accepting contactless payments with BTC. While the price of Bitcoin has been somewhat dormant in 2020, here are four internet & mobile service providers that have already opened up to the tempting idea of a decentralized payment solution.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

Popular Internet & Mobile Service Providers that Accept Bitcoin Payments


The US-based mobile and internet provider AT&T announced that it’s the first of the major wireless carriers in the United States to accept cryptocurrency. It is excellent for busy people looking for a faster way to pay their phone bills. With my AT&T mobile app, Bitcoin payments will take only a minute while on the run.

Pro Tip:
Switch on auto pay and enjoy a sweet discount. Whenever you decide to pay in cash for the bill, pause your auto-pay for the month.


Following the example of AT&T, the European companyA1 also started to accept in-store digital payments for their telecommunication services in Austria. With a customer base of over 25 million, they are one of the leading providers of digital services and communications solutions in Europe.

A1 partnered with not one but three payment solution providers at once: Salamantex, Ingenico, and Concardis.

Pro Tip:
Paying with crypto is not limited to Austrian-based customers: A1 has made it possible for foreigners to pay for the desired goods from their crypto wallets.

T-Mobile Poland

The international telecommunications providerT-Mobile offers the chance to its Polish customers totop-up their mobile phone credit with Bitcoin. As it turns out, Poles are quiteactive cryptocurrency owners and traders, so it is only natural that T-Mobile took a step towards their customer needs.

Pro Tip:
If you decide to visit the T-Mobile Poland HQ in Warsaw, be sure to try theirBitomat, courtesy of Inpay, where you can directly purchase crypto for cash.


For most readers, the name of the Las Vegas-based ISPLV.Net will be a discovery. For people, who care about company size or a big name, this local Nevada company may have slipped past their attention. However, for the crypto community who demand high-speed Internet broadband, it may be the jackpot. Even better, they accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin payments.

Pro Tip:
Although offering quite expensive services, theirYelp reviews about setting no data cap made our list.

Only a few European companies accept Bitcoin payments

It turns out, only a few ISPs and mobile service providers in Europe accept digital money. Our in-house crypto experts say that the reason might be the firm belief in the traditional banking system and the comfort ofa tangible asset in their wallets.

But why is this so noteworthy?

Here at Bankomia, we believe that crypto is the future. Another thing we firmly believe is that in 10-15 years, 3/4 of all companies will accept crypto payments. In this aspect, our goal is to prepare for the banking revolution. We strive to create an all-inclusive platform for global financial connectivity, transparency, and security. Unlike others, we see crypto and blockchain not as rocket science but as a sign of economic evolution.

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