15 Twitter Accounts Perfectly Explaining What Crypto Is

Just last week, Bitcoin and gold prices made the media headlines in top news sites around the world. The fact that Bitcoin prices reached its highest level in nearly a year and have stayed well above USD 11,000 sparked an interest in many. With the help of Bankomia in-house Twitter community members, we’ve put together a list of people who will help to understand better what crypto is and what the community is about these days.


Twitter has become the best showcase for tips and news on the most critical news happening. For the Bankomia team, it is even more than that.


Crypto Twitter Community – why is it so important?

Have you ever been a part of a live stream chat happening in a game or on a TV channel broadcast? Well, Crypto Twitter is something similar; tweets now play an essential role in business support, global scandals, and breaking news announcements.

The best part about it?

Everyone can read these threads, participate in them, and share with their followers without a worry. That’s what any community should be about – inclusion, freedom of speech, and acceptance.

Another significant function of Twitter is educating people about current matters. Several Crypto Twitter members have taken even the educator role in the name for the greater good, and actively share insights and pro tips to new crypto enthusiasts.

Our in-house community members from the Bankomia team have put together a list of Crypto Twitter movers and shakers to follow for top insights into the crypto community.


Crypto Twitter Accounts To Follow

1. @rogerkver
Roger Ver is one of the first investors in start-ups related to the world of Bitcoin. In his Twitter feed, he shares personal experiences with businesses that have broadened his sight as an entrepreneur.


2. @TrueCrypto28
Also known as Mr. Anderson brands himself as Bitcoin enthusiast. With over 50,000 followers, he teaches future crypto traders to fish for themselves. Being a long-time crypto expert, Mr. Anderson shares his knowledge not only with the Twitter folks. On his Youtube channel, he publishes regular Bitcoin market curve updates with his commentaries and interpretations.

3. @ljxie
Linda Xie is the co-founder of Scalar Capital, a company specialized in crypto assets. Her tweets inspire the development of collaborative software and applications to boost the cryptocurrency market.

4. @laurashin
Laura Shin is a journalist who specializes in cryptocurrencies. She provides actual information in her tweets and shares snippets from conversations with well-known crypto experts. Besides, Shin is an active podcaster and can be frequently heard in her podcasts Unchainedpodcast.com and Unconfirmedpodcast.com.

5. @muneeb
Muneeb Ali is co-founder of Blockstack, a company that develops software and nearly 400 applications. He claims that digital currencies and web are increasingly merging, closing the gap between information and money. Also, he is an active Ted Talks keynote speaker, where he told more about the behavior of the cryptocurrency market.

6. @OneMorePeter
Peter Smith, the CEO and co-founder of Blockchain is an expert in the crypto world. He is sure of his mission to create an optimal financial system for Internet users. He is confident, the Bitcoin market is the source of financial independence.

7. @Melt_Dem
As Chief Strategy Officer of CoinShares, Meltem Demirors is an expert in digital asset investments. She is a founding member of the World Economic Forum Blockchain Council and testified before the House Financial Services Committee on digital currencies. On her Twitter feed, Meltem freely shares her direct opinions on the state of the world.

8. @eiaine
As an engineer at Global Financial Access and opinion columnist for Bloomberg, Elaine Ou’s mission in her tweets is to drive start-ups and empower minorities to innovation in the crypto world.

9. @bankomia
We figure you must have heard this name by now. Bankomia is a neobank that explains the future of banking. Along with fresh crypto news and insights, Bankomia publishes valuable ideas about e-wallet services, crypto exchange, and payment cards they plan to launch in 2020.

10. @derose
A man all-in-one – podcaster, journalist, speaker, software developer, and YouTuber. Chris de Rose declares himself as a Bitcoin evangelist with the mission of decentralizing the cryptocurrency market. His feed content represents a genuine crypto community member with strong opinions.

11. @AriannaSimpson
She has been investing in cryptocurrencies since the very beginning and was Product Manager at BitGo, an expert firm in security protocols for digital assets. In her Twitter feed, Simpson talks
about the future of crypto-assets and the benefits of investing in technology start-ups.

12. @Hannah_Glass
Motivational speaker and lawyer with a specialization in finance, technology, and blockchain, Hannah makes her account on this social network a showcase for digital transformation through the participation of women.

13. @VinnyLingham
Those who know well cryptocurrencies consider Vinny as the Bitcoin oracle. Vinny Lingham is the manager of CivicKey, specialists in making smartphones a virtual wallet. His posts advocate for consumers entering the crypto market.

14. @niccary
Blockchain.com Co-Founder Nicolas Cary likes to share tips on buying Bitcoin. He’s open to sharing his experience related to cryptocurrencies.

15. @VentureCoinist
Last but not least, Luke Martin is one of the long-standing traders. He shares his thoughts and insights not only on Twitter but also on his YouTube channel Coin Chat. His social media sites include information relevant to anyone related to cryptocurrencies.

Final words

Now that we have some of the most influential and well-known Crypto Twitter people in one list, we feel the need to add a small disclaimer here:

This list is not sponsored.

Also, a significant aspect of social media is open communication. By now, you might have understood that Crypto Twitter is all about open communication, dank memes, and sharing weird things, even some of the dinosaurs might not get. 

Now, that’s the beauty of Twitter – a place for everyone to share everything.


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