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Connecting crypto and fiat for a global ecosystem
The crypto freedom  you deserve

Blockchain is on the rise, crypto is growing, the world is speeding up. With Bankomia you will have the tools to easily traverse between crypto and fiat.

  • Easy payments on the go or abroad
  • More than 50 different cryptocurrencies in 1 place
  • Payment cards
  • IBAN’s
Intuitive by design

Bankomia aims to provide the benefits of the crypto world to anyone who wishes to join in. From opening an IBAN to exchanging crypto – all of the functions are easy to understand and perform.

No overpayments

Bankomia provides the lowest transaction and service fees.
No hidden costs or overpays. We are true to the goal of digital finance – less effort, fewer expenses

A worldwide network

All our services are accessible from any point of the globe. Our partnerships allow us to legally and swiftly operate in any part of the world. The very core of the blockchain provides a decentralized way of storing and transferring cryptocurrency.

Desktop & mobile responsiveness
Bankomia can scale and operate swiftly in any environment,
be it a smartphone or a desktop workstation. All of the core functions are available from our web, as well as from the application.
The same level of security applies, no matter the device used.

Security is the key

In the midst of scamming projects and accountability issues, it is essential that the client's funds are secure. We provide a secure and transparent way to globally operate with fiat and crypto funds.

A priority support

Bankomia offers professional 24/7 support. We provide different solutions, i.e: chatbot, live chat, ticketing system, video assistance, live calls. If our clients choose to acquaint with the information themselves, we have also prepared a vast library of support materials.

Licensed and protected

All of Bankomia's operations and licenses are legitimate and supported by the European legal authorities. To keep our client base regulated we are ensuring a strong KYC/AML procedure to any registered legal or private entity.

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